a turkey for your thoughts...a crocheted turkey hat

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the funk is lifting.
i mean, in a big way. i credit a lot of it to the fact that i've decided to actively try to fight negative feelings. i'm tackling my challenges today with an attitude of gratitude. for example, this morning i had an eye appt (the lady broke my glasses...but we won't get into that). i was in a major rush. they changed the appt from 845 to 830. so. no longer time to run to the sitters. baby. dr's office. probably not the best combo. but i pressed on. once i get to the dr's office, they seemed confused,  asking why i'm at that office when i should be at an office in another town 20 minutes away. at this point. i might have slipped for a minute. i dare say, i was mad.

i took a step back.
and as i was playing with the lady while waiting for the dr, i realized that things were pretty perfect as they are. sure, i spent a little extra on gas today. but because i had to drive to another town, i got even more singing in the car time with the lady, i got to stop by my dad's office and say "hi"...which means he got to show off his grandbaby (ps...she cried when we left him. i loooove how much she loves her nana and papa), and i stopped by a thrift store on my way home and more than scored with awesome loot (i'll probably post pics later)...
overall, a good morning. and it's just getting better from here. and even if it doesn't, i'm going to make sure it does.
here's one more reason why my funk is lifting.
i have an awesome family. i had seen some pics of these little hats floating around pinterest and sent one to my sister to see if she could re-create it.
and did she ever. 
here's a side view...could you just die?

here's a bird's (teehee) eye view:

and my favorite pic of the day...(do you notice the brownie crumb on her bottom lip? yes, it's true. i bribed the poor girl so i could take a pic of her. she used to be totally into pics-would even pick up the camera and say, "cheese" but now...hmmm...)

honestly, i'm not sure what pattern (if any) she used. she's usually a pretty visual crochet-er.

things i've learned:
1. i'm pretty blessed. as i stop to think about all of the things that i've got going on in my life, freaking crap, people, i'm very lucky. don't get me wrong, i have hardships. life is trying. but my goal is to start being able to be thankful in all things. yikes. did i just jinx myself?
2. my sisters pretty much rock.


Skylar said...

well as much as the sitter wishes she could have seen Lady's smiling face, im glad you got to spend extra time with her!!!! and i love your attitude! and your amazing sister! and you! but one thing, GIVE ME THAT CROCHET PATTERN NOW!!!! hehehe.

Jill said...

Oh my goodness - that turkey had is hillarious!! Glad you had a great day in the end - I do think our kids help us see how good our lives are by helping us to enjoy the little things!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Emily said...

Great attitude, I've been in that funk before. Lovin' the hat, I love to crochet so I may have to add this to my list...

trophyw.blogspot.com said...

Cutest Turkey hat ever-nope cutest hat ever.

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