the walking (ginger) dead

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

 the boss and i are huge fans of the walking dead. so to celebrate the second season, we invited our friends over to make some cookies with us. some gingerdead cookies.

around the world in 3 printables!

Monday, October 24, 2011

free printables
after my awful experience here, i decided i needed to test the waters again. not to mention, i needed some boo printables. (*sniff, sniff...).
and while i was seeing tons of fun ones in bloglandia, none of them were exactly what i was looking for.

clean up on aisle 7...trouble at wal-mart

wow. it's been a crazy weekend.
and friday was just the tip of the'll see...
friday started off beautifully. i got to sleep in. the boss came home from work early...things were getting done. heaven. one of the last things on my to-do list for the day was to send some printables to wal-mart so i could drop off our "boos" to our neighbors...see,i had a plan.
i've been using wal-mart to print off my printables for quite some time now. never once have i had a problem. until yesterday.

you know, for kids..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

skull shirt
since the halloween decor hit the shelves, i've had my eye on a few cute halloween tees for the lady. but i'm not in love with the prices. and while i'll fight you for them when they go on 80% clearance, right now, i'll pass...but i still want her to wear some cute halloween-y type clothes. can you see my dilemma? i's tragic. anyway, i figured i could make something that would probably be cuter than anything on the set out

sitting in a tree...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

spider tree
i've always been a huge. we're talking big. fan of halloween trees. i love their spookiness. their sparseness. overall, they're just rad.

so i did a version of my own tree. i've unintentionally accumulated a huge amount of spider-y things. (maybe it's because they seem to be the cheapest...hmmm) so naturally, i decided to make a spider tree. it's actually pretty creepy.

by the pricking of my thumbs...

Monday, October 17, 2011

free printables
has anyone been to michaels recently and noticed that ALL of the halloween decorations have disappeared-or put on some ridiculously small shelf, impossible to find?
i mean, let's be honest. I'm just as excited for christmas as the next person, but seriously? seriously, michaels? can i please celebrate one holiday to the fullest and then move on to the next?
apparently not.

let's hear it for new york...

on friday, my fam (parents, sisters, niece, nephew, etc..) piled into our cars and drove to nyc. we were meeting up with my brother and his wife for a 36 hour hangout.
it was great. i mean whenever you travel with more than a few people (we had 9 total), things can get hairy at times-but overall, it was super fun.
we ate some awesome pizza. even better doughnuts. i mean seriously, if you're ever in new york you're a fool if you don't go here. who would have thought that the foodnetwork people know what they're talking about...teehee

we are family

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

spider web runner
the other day my sister was complaining that she couldn't find most of her halloween decor. which is sad, because in days past she was a hard-core crafter. she had homemade goodies dotting her whole house.not anymore. which is why i decided to help out her cause.
i made this for her (shh...don't tell, it's a secret that she will get tomorrow...court, if you're reading this. say nothing, act casual...).

mums the word...

Monday, October 10, 2011

mummy vases w/ candles
in looking around my living room decor (pics and posts coming this week...woohoo!), i realized that i didn't have the most kid-friendly stuff. and while the fact that lady m. points to a skull and says, "skull...spooky..." doesn't disturb me or boss, i thought it might not be a bad idea to kid-up the decor.

today i made some mummy vases.

quoth the raven...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

we're in the process of trying to decide what lady m. is going to be for halloween. we have a couple of ideas floating out there.'s the deal. we don't like anything resembling traditional costumes. and maybe it's because in a few years i'm terrified she's going to  tell me she wants to be malibu barbie or something else equally...lame (is that terrible that i just said that?).or maybe it's because her father and i are weird (have you seen some of my yardsale finds?).poor girl.
regardless, we feel the pressure. especially after last year's costume.
i present to you,
m.allan poe

because candy's good for the soul...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a couple weeks ago i went to this bizarro yardsale. it was the same one where i found the elvis lamp. as i was walking out, i noticed these guys...
 well, in the pic  you only see one-but there are two. and this isn't a great pic, i know. i had already started painting and then remembered to take a pic...not to mention, the use of a flash, i could go on...
but the point is, i paid .50 each for these little ceramic candy dishes with plastic gold handle on top and plastic gold base with a tacky grape cluster/grape leaf design on the ceramic and on the plasticy base. not too shabby.
i figured i could afford to make them into something halloween-esque. took spray paint. a lot of it. and a lot of patience. *sigh.
and then more paint to start to disguise the design.
it also took some chevron love to turn this little candy dish from something i'd see in my grandma's house (the uncool part of the house-let's be honest, I'm all about antiquing and vintage-y things), into this cute little addition to my halloween decor

this is the first chevron item that i've brought into my home. i kindda like it.

now...on to the other dish. i'm not certain that i'll be doing another chevron pattern (see #1 below) but it will be black and white. and perhaps involve a spider...

things i've learned:
1. i've done the chevron stripes before-on a flat surface (a chair cushion) but never on a raised/design ceramic surface. so while i did a decent job with the taping, the lines still look uneven at spaces. it's just really hard to turn a grape cluster into a straight line. hmmm. lesson learned.

2. i've never used ceramic specific paint. i paid the extra money and did and didn't love it. it took foooorrreeevvvver to dry and lifted in some spots (cleverly hidden) when i pulled up the painter's tape.  probably won't be going back to that kind of paint again.

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holy freaking craft...

Monday, October 3, 2011

craft-wise, i had a crappy weekend. the creative juices weren't flowing. i kept jumping from project to project. i hate doing that. not to mention, the projects I did happen to finish, weren't turning out the way i had hoped they would. so.
i sat down this morning, determined to complete a project. from start to finish. and even if the results were not pretty, i was going to post about it.
so naturally, with such a challenge, it would make sense that i would tackle something i have never done...using my new and seemingly daunting sewing machine.

i bought this cute felt placemat from michaels. there weren't enough to make a table runner so I knew i had to be creative with it (because why would I use it as a placemat? teehee).  i knew that i should be able to attach the placemat to an existing pillow with a simple slip stitch (that's my favorite stitch-it's done by hand and it doesn't have to look pretty) but the problem is that i didn't have any pillows that would work. i did have, however, a couple of pillow forms that i purchased at a yardsale for .25 for a pair (these are HUGE pillows...17x17).

so i put on my big girl shoes and set out to make a pillow cover (aka envelope pillow) for this pillow form.using my sewing machine. *cue jaws theme song

full disclosure. i've sewn before. in 6th grade. in home ec. but i'm pretty sure my teacher did most of the work for me. so if you don't mind, i'm counting this as my first real sewing project.

i found this tutorial on youtube (i do better with sometone talking and showing me instead of just using pics). i love this woman. really one of the clearest sewing tutorials I've ever seen.


i did it. i wasn't taking pics during the actual process because, well, i was afraid of my recent craft-history-see above)...

i freaking made an envelope pillow.
and then i sewed my little felt placemat on it.
attached a little spider i found in one of my bins.
and there. you. have. it.
a freaking halloween pillow
made with a freaking sewing machine.
who would have thought?

things i've learned:
1.  um. i need some better sewing supplies. i'm not showing you close up pics of the hems because they're not straight. i need a straight-edge and a better pair of scissors-or one of those cool rotary things. thank goodness christmas is coming!
2. it is a glorious feeling to sew two pieces of fabric together. i'm now plotting other sewing projects. anyone want a dress? i'm sure i'll be able to accomodate in a day or two (teehee).
3. some days you just need to sit yourself down, watch real housewives of new jersey (i *love really bad tv), and force yourself to complete a craft. it's gotten me out of my slump. be ready blog, be ready...

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