it's the end of the world...and i feel...hmmm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

have you heard of the show, doomsday preppers? it's on the national geographic channel. and i  can't wait for it to start. not that we have cable. i'm hoping my generous momma will record it (dvr?? is that what the kids are doing these days?) for me....and... make me dinner while i watch it. truth is, more than likely both of those things will happen...because i'm the youngest child. and she loves me. waaaay more than my siblings. sorry, guys, but it's a fact.
but i digress.
so here's the deal.
i'm obsessed with all things apocalyptic. zombie films, in particular, but i definitely won't thumb my nose at a movie like contagion, or tv shows like, jericho or the colony. freaking crap those shows freak me out. in an awesome way, you know? the boss and i love to imagine we're in that situation-we try to assess how we'd come up with a way to filter water...defend our homestead...or...create fuel from a pig's decomposing carcass (second season of the colony. watch it. near a bathroom so you can puke. and then watch it again. brilliant).
the truth is, though, if the zombie apocalyse were to come tomorrow, i'd be kindda screwed. aside from my vast zombie film watching experience (crash course: zombies=bad.  they'll attack when you're feeling most comfortable. hit them in the head and you'll kill them. if they bite you, your best friend/spouse is going to have to shoot you. no hard feelings.), i'm not so sure how i'd measure up.
which brings me to the point.
i'm making a goal to get more prepared for emergencies (weather/nature/zombie-related...whathave you). 
don't worry, i don't plan on stockpiling forsythia (ahhh...contagion, why am i still thinking about you 3 weeks after i watched you??)...but i have a feeling, things might get all sorts of crazy up in here.
and i'm kind of


Gretchen {NewFashionedMom} said...

Too funny! Not that I usually tell people this, but my family is on a 5 year plan to buy land and live "off the grid". You're not crazy...or maybe we both are??

If you run a google search for "survivalist" or "prepping" you will find tons of sites and blogs to feed your curiosity. Have fun! :)

Lori C said...

WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!! They are! :) Yes, just google 'preppers' and you will find loads of blogs and sites to absorb info. Personally, I wish I had a shelter underground somewhere full of food and TP. Oh and plenty of ammo and guns/baseball bats to kill the zombies...'cuz you know the're a-comin...
heehee. I don't tell anyone about it either, but I think the preppers are pretty smart folks!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

Oh goodness! haha. Well, being prepared is never a bad thing!

pinkertonjamesl said...

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